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Profile of School of Physics and Astronomy

    Department of Physics, among other departments of Yunnan University, can trace its long history back to 1933, more than 80 years ago, and then it was known as the Department of Mathematics & Physics of provincial Donglu University. Physics department always insists the principles, “paying great attention to the basis of mathematics & physics, combing teaching with scientific research, training innovative students”, since it was founded in 1945. The department has remained one of China's important sources refreshing our country year by year with highly-qualified graduates in physics, and make the great contributors to the remarkable progress and achievements in the discipline development, in talent training, in scientific research and in the public and social services. It makes positive contributions to the development of the basic subjects in Yunnan University.


    Relying on the long history of Yunnan University in Astronomy research and the exceptionally-favorable observing conditions in Yunnan Province, Department of Astronomy of Yunnan University was established in 2013 and is "The 5th Department of Astronomy" among its fellow universities in China. Now Yunnan University becomes one of the most important base to conduct astronomical researches and personnel training in China by the cooperation with Yunnan Observatories and Chinese Academy of Sciences in the research and education. To further improve the teaching on fundamental disciplines at the University and ensure the highest level of competence and qualification of its graduates, the Department of Physics, the Department of Astronomy, and the Physical Experiment Teaching Center of Yunnan University (Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Yunnan Province) were merged in 2015 into the School of Physics and Astronomy of Yunnan University. Our newly-formed school will "make more solid its academic foundation, will greatly improve its level of application and its capacity and capability of innovating, and make it having more advantages over its fellow faculties around the country". Our school will be a prolific source of highly-competent, highly-qualified graduates in Physics and Astronomy, will greatly improve the level and capability of our researches in the fields of Physics and Astronomy, and will work hard for to the building of a "Research-dominated" school.


    There are 64 fulltime staffs in our school currently (including 3 part-time staffs), 22 professors and 20 associated professors. A total of 61 hold a postgraduate degree, 36 a doctorate degree, 18 professors are Ph.D supervisors and 30 are master supervisors. Among them, some are picked by "The National 1,000 High-Level Talents Plan", one is the winner of "The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars", one is designated "The Leading Figure of Yunnan Province in Science and Technology", some are either "The High-Level Talents introduced to Yunnan Province" or "The High-Level Overseas Talents introduced to Yunnan Province" (six in total), and one is designated "The National Excellent Teacher", one "The National Model Teacher", one is listed in the Program of "Trans-century Excellent Talents" by the Ministry of Education, one in the Program of "New Century Excellent Talents", one "The Expert of Yunnan Province with Extraordinary Contribution", nine "The Young and Middle-Aged Academic and Technological Leading Figures and Back-up Forces of Yunnan Province", and a great number are the winners of "Baogang Educational Award for Outstanding Teachers" and "The Academic Leading Figures of Yunnan Province in Teaching and Scientific Research". They are highly-educated, young, capable, and highly-committed staffs with good teaching and research.


    Physics in Yunnan University is a preponderant and key discipline in Yunnan Province, it is also respected through the country for its unparalleled teaching quality. It includes three key disciplines of Yunnan Province, Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics and Systematic Analysis and Integration. Our school is accredited for granting Class-A doctorate degrees in Physics and Class-A master's degrees in Electronic Science and Technology. We are currently the national base for professional education on mathematics and physics, and are able to offer course modules involving six majors for undergraduate students, i.e. Fundamental Mathematics and Physics, Astronomy, Physics, Applied Physics, Electronic Science and Technology, Optoelectric Information Science and Engineering.


    In recent years, our teachers have participated, in succession, in more than 70 key projects at national level, including the projects funded by "The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars", the joint key projects funded by the "National Natural Science Foundation of China", the key projects funded by the "National Natural Science Foundation of China", the basic researches of the "National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)", the Sub-components of the " National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)", the "Key (Key grant) Project of Chinese Ministry of Education", etc., and more than 30 key projects at provincial level, including the ones funded by "Yunnan Natural Science Foundation". More than 800 papers indexed by SCI and EI by our teachers have been published in the international journals. Our school is the winner of "The Second Prize of Ministry of Education for Colleges and Universities with Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research (the Category of Natural Science)", "The First, Second, and Third Prize of Yunnan Province for Science and Technology (the Category of Natural Science)", of which six projects won the first prize, two the second, and four the third. Now the staffs in our school are carrying scientific researches in all cutting-edge fields of physics and astronomy.

    As one of "The Four Pilot Schools of Yunnan Province" for School Reforms and Restructuring, Dual track systems, elite education and mass education, are implemented in our school. One hand, we will train for the highly-qualified talents in physics and astronomy who are very good at innovating, and on the other hand, we will also train for different industries so-called "application-oriented" personnel who master all the basics of mathematics & physics. As high as 50% of the graduates of the National Talents Education Base majoring in "Fundamental Mathematics & Physics" will be recommended for postgraduate admission without an examination, to other home universities and/or institutes for further study. According to the "Elite" Education Program co-developed by Ministry of Education and Chinese Academy of Sciences, we will open a class named "Xiong Qinglai Elite Courses in Astronomy", jointly with Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for the students who want to pursue a further study from undergraduate, master till doctor of astronomy. We also offer industry- or trade-tailored courses and training programs for students to meet their very specific needs for "application-oriented" personnel. Our graduates are now the backbone of industries like IT, electronics, medical, firefighting, education, and finance sector, etc. The year-end employment rate of our graduates has been kept at 90% or higher over the last five years.

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